Sunday, April 3, 2011

What to know about creatine!

More and more people begin to use creatine each year without even knowing how to use it or what it's true purpose is. 

Here is what you should know about creatine.

1.  Past studies have proven that creatine supplementation does improve muscle performance.

2.  Over a period of creatine supplementation and constant resistance training, an individual is able to improve...
  • The amount of work done until fatigue
  • Applied force toward resistance
  • Power output

3.  Creatine supplementation is not gender specific.  Men and women get the same results, in relation to muscle performance, when using creatine.  Women can enhance their upper body strength, an area where most women are naturally weak in.

4.  Creatine can help you intensify your workout as a result of muscle performance enhancement.

5.  Creatine should be taken when your muscles are being replenished or are in need of energy.  It is suggested to supplement with creatine/ dextrose after a workout (post workout) or at breakfast time.  dextrose is a sugar found in mainly fruit and honey and has a high glycemic index.  The dextrose allows your body to produce insulin and absorb the creatine properly.

6.  It is recommended to read the label of the brand of supplement you choose to take.  Consult with a physician or let a personal trainer advise you about proper usage.

My review of Creatine:  
Creatine is a dietary supplement, not a banned supplement.  It is safe to take creatine!  It has been proven through case studies to enhance muscles and helps intensify your workout. Creatine is produced naturally by your body within the liver.  Creatine is used naturally in muscles to support your bones.  I recommend creatine supplementation to anyone who wants to boost there resistance training routine and muscular capacity.  I also recommend that you cycle a creatine supplement (take for one to two months at a time).  Give yourself a break from creatine!  You should take the proper dosage that is advised to be taken on the product label.  Extended use of this supplement has not been proven to cause problems.  I recommend that you ask your doctor if your body is healthy enough for creatine supplementation.  Better safe than sorry!  It is important to take responsibly and avoid over use.

Get fit with Chauncey!

Chauncey Graham
Gold's Gym International, Arlington VA 
ISSA Personal Trainer