Tuesday, January 6, 2015

The Age of Fitness Trackers

Start off the year solid and set your fitness goal to be in top shape.  Let us forget about scales and the way you fit in your year old jeans.  Let us be motivated by monitored performance and reaching higher levels of intensity.  Tracking your heart rate during a workout is a great way to gauge whether you are working hard enough to build muscle, burn fat or to do both at the same time.  We cannot make any progress focusing only on day to day body weight and tape measurement readings. These devices as well as your perceived level of intensity are misleading  Confirmation should come from the fact that you have completed a greater amount of work in the same amount of time you take to workout.  Your goal should be to work harder, lift heavier, run farther, or faster than you ever did before.  You cannot do this unless you consistently track your progress and exceed your recorded limitations every workout.  To be better you must do better.  The future of heart rate monitors, fitness bands, and activity trackers are on the rise.  If you have not invested in one yet, you should.  Using these devices will make your workouts more challenging and meaningful.  You will be sure to force yourself out of your comfort zone knowing that your fitness tracking device has record that you have reached a certain intensity before.  The added benefits to your workout that a fitness tracking device can bring are exponential.  Seeing is believing!  Once you invest in a fitness tracking device and see how it works you will believe that you can do what it takes to be in top shape.