Sunday, October 5, 2014

The Ultimate Fitness Goal

The Ultimate fitness goal is to live a long healthy life of fitness with minimal injuries and maximum abilities.  To reach this goal you have to live a lifestyle of fitness with deliberate practice while taking little breaks.  Easier said than done!  The necessary steps to succeed and conquer the ultimate goal can seem boring and monotonous.  To be consistent with practice you must enjoy it.  There are benefits in not only the exercises we do but also the interdependent components of each exercise.  In order to do what is needed to reach the ultimate goal, respect and recognition must be given to the simplest parts of practice.  Having a fundamental focus is the key to staying consistent in practice and steady progression for a lifetime.

Improving movement patterns while also building integrity in the platform that supports all body movements will enhance the efficiency and coordination of any movement.  A stronger frame and core around it will last longer and will allow you to sustain less injuries in a lifetime.  Once you balance and stabilize your core you can progress to body movements that involve integration and coordination.  This focus will make the smaller steps that you must accomplish to reach the ultimate goal more meaningful and challenging. 

Your focus should not always be the end reward.  This can seem unattainable.  Building a passion for improving the interdependent segments will simplify your path to success and pose as a bigger reward.  More can be accomplished in your life through fitness if you break everything you do down in it's simplest form and strengthen each component individually inside out.  You will realize that the true value in practicing fitness comes from the effort that you put into fundamentals.  Your motivation to stay consistent on a path that leads to the ultimate fitness goal will come from the passion built from focusing on each interdependent segment of the whole. It will come from within you.