Tuesday, January 17, 2012


Right before you begin your work out the word “endure” must be on your mind.  To endure means to suffer or tolerate something difficult or painful, patiently.  Think, the endurance that will go on for the next hour or so must make you feel good inside.  You have to see this endurance as a medicine that is needed once a day.  To endure pain and to cause stress to your muscles through fitness training, will benefit you in the long run.  Working out is painful but when endured overtime, consistently it can yield a remedy that no medicine or elixir can compare to. 

The time you spend exercising should be efficient.  Every minute is valuable and must be put towards making gains.  To get what you want out of this workout regimen you have to do more than you did the last time.  You cannot always endure the same pains.  You must change exercises to tolerate new pains to your body.  This is the road less traveled and must be taken if you want anything positive to come out of working out.   This endurance will become pleasing once you build consistency.  You want to build immunity to the pain.  By increasing the frequency and duration you will gain strength.  As long as you are working out correctly this endurance cannot lead to injury.  A gradual progression of endurance will present to you that your potential is limitless and anything is possible.

To endure is to take control.  To move forward no matter what weight or distance is in front of you.  Sometimes climbing one more step or lifting one more repetition can show you that persistence and hard work does pay off.  The effort given to endure more each day is what keeps you growing and getting results.  Those of us who have endured have become attached and made fitness a part of our lives.  We need it to get by each day.  It is what keeps us alive.  To endure for 30 minutes each day can add another day to your life.  The next time you are prepared to workout, get in the zone and focus on enduring as much as you can.  To endure is to make everything in your life better one day.