Tuesday, September 24, 2013

The 24 Hour Fitness Challenge!

fitness tips for busy people
The challenge is on for everyone who has fitness goals to stay committed and consistent as long as it takes to reach them.  Being fit for 24 hours allows you to focus on short term goals instead of being overwhelmed by the realization that it will take months to get where you want to be.  Do not worry about 2 months from now, this will only discourage you.  Focus on being fit for today.  This is an attainable goal that, once achieved, will minimize fear, doubt, and uncertainty.  The more successful you are day after day will boost your confidence and motivate you to be consistent each day.  After 24 hours of being fit, the next day will be a lot easier.  This successful memory will allow you to follow the same steps it took you to achieve previous success.  Day after day goals become easier to reach, especially after previous success.  You will have built up memory of success. This type of mindset will keep you from flooding your mind with negative thoughts about the longevity of training and a goal that you never reached.  Achieving a goal that you know can be achieved will minimize anxiety and create the arousal that is needed to carry out the tasks for execution.  So make it simple by focusing on the next 24 hours.  Do not let anything come between you and your fitness goals for today and you will see this mindset will make the future of fitness a whole lot easier.