Sunday, April 8, 2012

Bodybuilding vs. Weightlifting

Many people believe that bodybuilding and weightlifting are similar hobbies.  Both are hobbies done using some sort of dead weight, machine, or other type of resistance training equipment.  The true practice of a bodybuilder is much more different and beneficial than a weightlifter.  Essentially a bodybuilder and a weightlifter have similar goals, which are to promote muscle growth and increase force production through their muscles.  A bodybuilder focuses on reaching their goals in a safe and efficient way that provides better results and longevity.  A weight lifter's focus is to basically lift weights.  Weightlifters do not focus on performing proper contractions of muscles.  They only are concerned about increasing the amount of weight they are lifting for progression. 

Most bodybuilders were weightlifters at one point, until they were taught the benefits of being in control of their muscle through full range of motion while handling resistance.  A bodybuilder practices constantly to have total control of every muscle.  A bodybuilder is aware of each separate muscle and is able to contract or flex all his or her muscles well.  Bodybuilding is more highly efficient than weightlifting because you are not challenging your joints to lift weights.  A bodybuilder focuses on allowing the targeted muscle to perform an exercise which limits the assistance or overload of other muscles or joints.  This allows for maximum stimulation of the muscles and faster, safer progression.  A weightlifter may be stronger than a bodybuilder at lifting weight.  A bodybuilder is not focused on the amount of weight he or she can lift.  Bodybuilders only want to get the most out of every contraction so that his or her muscle will be fully maintained or increase in size. 
It is recommended that, if you are currently a weightlifter, you should learn how to complete proper contractions through full range of motion.  Let your ego down and do not worry about what others think about the amount of weight you are lifting.  Eventually if you train your muscles consistently you will be able to have more control of the heavier weight you lift.  This control will represent a more defined strength.  A better focus on properly contracting your muscles will lead to faster results, a better look, and longevity in training with resistance.  Bodybuilding is more than just lifting weights and should not be compared to weightlifting.  Bodybuilding is maximizing your strength and physique the most healthy and efficient way possible.  If your goal is to look good, keep your joints healthy, and get stronger; seek the knowledge of a bodybuilder and it will change your life forever.