Thursday, June 5, 2014

Your Weekend Gains Not Losses

The last couple of weekends you have let yourself go and had to regain the level of fitness you lost at the beginning of the week afterwards.  If this is you, you are wasting your time and going in circles.  Weekends can make you or break you.  Working out and eating healthy is easy from Monday through Thursday.  A challenge, amongst all the challenges you deal with to get and stay fit, is to extend your fitness regimen over the weekend.  If from Friday to Monday you take a break from either cardio, a balanced diet, or weightlifting you could lose hard earned progress and the motivation to continue working out.  Why put so much time and energy towards fitness and get nothing in return. 

To get what you want out of your hard work and time spent in the gym you have to keep it up over the weekends.  You must sacrifice everything that you do that minimizes your gains over the weekends.  Your body will only adapt to what you do consistently.  If your goal is to build muscle and you are lifting weights three times a week but also drinking alcohol and eating unhealthy three times a week, it will be hard for your body respond and adapt to your weightlifting.  Take control of your gains.  To be more fit you have to dedicate all of your time to fitness.  Do what it takes Monday through Sunday to reach your goals.  You know what it takes and if you do not, find out.  To much energy is put towards fitness not to be getting results. 

If you want to grow strong and lean with a low percentage of body fat then you are going to have to sacrifice all the things you do, usually on the weekends, that take away from all that you gained.  This sacrifice will lead to you getting faster results.  The results you get from your hard work will keep you motivated and energized to stay consistent.