Sunday, May 1, 2011

Fitness and Nutritional Q&A: Getting Fit Efficiently for the Summer

"It's almost summer and I have to lose weight in my midsection so I can look good at the beach!"  "What am I going to do?"

Build and maintain muscle to lose fat and look good.  Maintaining or increasing your lean mass(muscle, skin, bone mass) will result in a lower body fat percentage.  Following a balanced resistance training and cardio routine while also following a consistent nutritional plan, will give you the best results.  Avoid a target overall weight and focus more on a targeted lower body fat percentage when setting goals for yourself.

"What if I cannot lose weight as easy as others when I exercise?"

There are 3 types of people.

Naturally slim individuals.  These people lose fat easily, but it is hard for the to gain muscle mass. 

Naturally muscular individuals.  These people lose fat easily and put on muscle easily.

Naturally obese individuals.  These people carry more fat easily and can lose it easily but have to continue a fat loss regiment to maintain a fit physique.

WHICH ONE ARE YOU?  FIGURE THIS OUT!  This will give you a good idea on how to plan your resistance and aerobic training routine to lower your body fat percentage.


  • Due to hormonal differences, men tend to build muscle easier than women.  Women store more weight in their midsection due to their hormones being more supportive of child birth and pregnancy.  Losing fat and maintaining it is harder for women than men due to hormonal differences.

  • Losing weight rapidly can work against you in the long run.  When you lose more than 2-3 pounds in one week, that weight loss is most definitely fat and muscle.  This rapid weight loss will decrease your lean mass percentage which will also decrease the rate at which your body burns calories.  Losing 1-2 pounds a week is considered healthy weight loss and will result in, if weight lifting consistently, only fat loss. 

  • Your fitness plan should be designed to be long term.  Permanent fat loss results take time to achieve.  You must look at following a fitness plan and eating nutritionally as a lifestyle and something that is neverending.  You will benefit more from your routine the less strenous it is and the eaiser it is on your body.  Avoid overtraining and limited calorie diets to keep you consistent and helping you continue your fitness lifestyle.

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