Saturday, September 10, 2011

Insulin For Life Long Health and Wellness

Insulin is a hormone produced in our body to regulate and control blood sugar levels.  Insulin is secreted by the pancreas to supply cells with glucose.  Food that we eat is converted to glucose, which is the main source of energy for our bodies.  Everytime you eat the pancreas must work to secrete enough insulin to keep blood sugar levels from reaching too high and give your cells the energy they need.  High blood sugar levels can damage organs as well as lead to diabetes.  Diabetes occurs when, either your body stops producing insulin or your body builds an intolerance to insulin.  The lack of insulin in the body to supply energy to cells can lead to unconsciousness and even death.  A lack of insulin or an intolerance to insulin in your body is a result of an unhealthy diet and very little exercise.

Here are some tips to help your body produce insulin normally throughout your entire life:
  • Never miss breakfast. (spark your insulin in the morning!)
  • Eat more frequently smaller meals. (5-6 normal sized portions!)
  • Avoid refined sugars and complex carbohydrates. (no processed foods and minimal starches!)
  • Exercise your muscles and do cardio regularly.  (Helps to maintain lower blood sugar levels!)
  • Drink adequate amounts of water. (6-8glasses a day!)
  • Eat according to your activity level.  (A starch is good before exercise but not before bed!) 
  • Eat more natural foods like leafy green veggies and low fat meats.  (Your body absorbs it easier!)
Insulin secretion plays a vital role in maintaining normal blood sugar levels.  Your goal, in maintaining lifelong health and wellness, is to maintain normal insulin levels so that your body will never be deprived of this essential hormone.  With strong commitment to a balanced nutritional diet plan, the less likely you are to becoming a diabetic.  Forcing your body to work extra hard to maintain normal blood sugar levels overworks your pancreas.  Your pancreas will stop producing insulin efficiently due to an unhealthy, over-demanding diet.  Insulin is like a key that glucose needs to get inside of a cell.  Without this key your body cannot function properly. 

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