Sunday, October 23, 2011

Compound Exercises

Compound exercises are helpful if your fitness goals are to gain strength, lose weight, and become more athletic or to simply get in shape within a short range of time.  Anyone can perform these exercises and they can be personalized for your level of fitness and enhanced to ensure progression towards your fitness goals.

Compound exercises are exercises with or without resistance that combine multiple muscle groups to complete a movement within a natural range of motion.  Utilizing multiple muscles throughout your body at once allows you to maximize the amount of energy exerted in a shorter amount of time.  This can shorten up your fitness routine as well as increase the amount of calories burned.  Compound exercises make your fitness plan feasible due to your daily schedule.  Completing exercises that combine muscle groups take more energy to execute so you are likely to increase your heart rate faster than performing isolated of single muscle group exercises.  Compound exercises not only target large muscle groups but also activate smaller muscles.  This changes an isolated resistance training routine into a total body workout.
Compound exercises can be executed in the gym, at home, at work, or outside.  You can count the repetitions and sets of these exercises like a normal isolated resistance training exercise.  You may need to take longer rest periods in between sets for recovery.  The duration of a workout with compound exercises should be no more than an hour.  You can exhaust all the energy you have in a short amount of time.  In progressing through a plan take less rest between sets, increase the resistance, and/ or increase your range of motion.  This will increase intensity as well as your strength, cardiovascular endurance, and metabolism.  Compound exercises are similar to real life activities and will be beneficial while you are not working out.  Performing compound exercises will keep you looking and feeling good forever while also improving your all around strength, balance and coordination.

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