Tuesday, November 15, 2011


After a workout your body is like a sponge.  The receptors on your muscles become sensitive and absorb glucose at a higher rate.  With the help of insulin and it's response to the food you eat your body will absorb whatever you give it.  Whether it is energy lost through resistance training or aerobic exercise, you must replace energy with mostly natural sources of energy your body needs.  This is based on your fitness goals.

Your post weight lifting workout meal should include at least 30 grams of a whey protein supplement followed by a healthy low sat fat portion of meat with a serving of preferably green vegetable.  Remember that your workouts must be intense and every workout, you have to make progress.  BREAK YOUR MUSCLES DOWN!

Your post cardio workout meal does not have to consist of a whey protein supplement, but you must supply your body with a balanced meal like a low fat portion of meat and a slower digesting carbohydrate like sweet potato, pasta, brown rice, or green vegetables.  Aerobic exercise must be intense also and should last 20 - 30 minutes at a heart rate of 80% of your maximum heart rate.

To keep your body from storing fat and allowing it to respond better to your diet, watch the amount of saturated fat you are eating each meal.  Avoid processed foods, dairy products like milk and cheese, and fatty meats.  Combining saturated fat with carbohydrates will decrease your bodies insulin sensitivity.  Insulin is made to respond to glucose and fuel your lean mass.  Combining saturated fat with carbohydrates forces your body to store most of this energy as body fat.  Remember, your goal is to fuel your lean mass.  Saturated fat in your diet makes it hard for your muscles to absorb energy needed.  Post workout you have to eat healthy so that your body will respond better and your muscles get the right kind and amount of energy to reach your goals.


1.  Avoid eating cheese or mayonnaise on sandwiches (usually the meat has sat fat in it)
2.  Avoid fatty meats like pork, lamb, chicken thighs and legs, fatty steaks
3.  Have Low Fat or Skim milk in your cereal
4.  Use Olive oil or canola oil when cooking
5.  Whole foods are healthy but eliminate the sat fat in whole foods like milk, eggs, cheese, pasta, breads!

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