Thursday, August 7, 2014

The Many Benefits of Bilateral Training

If it is hard for you to get that sore feeling, you used to get, a day after your workout and you rarely ever increase the weight you lift, it is definitely time for change.  Variation is the best way to continue your progression no matter what your fitness goals may be.  A great way to add variety to your fitness regimen is to do all your exercises bilaterally or using one arm or leg at a time.
Here are 9 benefits of bilaterally training:
  1. Improves neural drive to the muscles
  2.  Activates internal and external oblique
  3.  Training one limb will enhance neural drive to the opposite limb
  4.  Promotes intramuscular coordination or neuromuscular efficiency throughout the entire body
  5.  Training in all 3 planes of motion at one time. (Front to back, side to side, rotating side to side or diagonally)
  6.  Increased stability, strength, and power when performing the same exercises unilaterally(two limbs at a time)
  7.  Improved movement efficiency and exercise economy 
  8. Creates balanced strength on both sides
  9. Adds more variety to your fitness routine that will minimize the risk of a plateau.  You Keep Getting Muscle Soreness!
Surprisingly these are just a few of the many benefits that you get from training with one limb at a time.  Just working out consistently with variation in general will lead to even more of the many benefits.  Sometimes all you need is a tip like this to accelerate progression, prevent injury, and stay motivated.

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