Wednesday, July 29, 2015

6 Lean and Fit Summer Vacation Tips

Summer is here and the big question is "what can I do while I am on vacation to stay lean and in shape?  Here are some tips that will guarantee that all that hard work in the gym will not go to waste when you go away on vacation and have no exercise equipment.

1.  No equipment needed!  You do not need a gym travel pass and there is no need to overload yourself with heavy equipment to carry around at your vacation destination.  Keep it light and simple.  I few therapy bands and a yoga mat are all you need.

2.  Do strength and stability training for your smaller muscle groups.  This is good enough during your one week stay away.  This is beneficial because usually people focus less on the stabilizer muscles.  The muscles that attach to your spine and pelvis, core muscles, are actually more important for longevity in training than your larger muscles groups.  

3.  Revisit the fundamentals of exercise with body weight calisthenic training. These type of exercises promote strength, muscle maintenance and overall mobility.  This program will make you realize that you can benefit exponentially from exercising without weights. 

4.  Do not change your diet plan while you are on vacation.  Usually people tend to increase there calorie intake while away while reducing the physical activity they do.  Remember you must eat based on the amount of activity you do in a day.  Portion control should be your main objective on vacation, especially if you plan to relax the whole time.

5.  Protein before carbohydrates keeps your muscles in check!  You must consume the your daily recommended amount of protein each day no matter what.  Your muscles need the energy to maintain themselves even when you are resting and relaxing.  If anything, while you are away and less active, reduce the amount of carbohydrates you eat.  Limit your carbohydrate intake to strictly salads and whole grains.

6.  Do cardio everyday.  This is important.  If you plan on not gaining a pound of fat while you are on your retreat, it is important to boost your metabolism daily with some cardio.  Let's face it, a vacation includes a lot of unhealthy food and booze for the most part.  Keeping your metabolism in check and not letting everything go south can easily be maintained with high or moderate intensity endurance training in the morning.  


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