Wednesday, September 15, 2010

It's Killing You Slowly!

Obesity is an epidemic that takes the lives of more and more people each year in the United States.  It is becoming normal to most people to be overweight.  In todays society, especially the southern regions of the country, being hefty is being healthy.  Someone who is slim and fit is looked at as sickly, unhealthy, and to some people unattractive.  The myths that people believe in about bodyweight and how an obese look is favorable has caused us not to care about our health and fitness.

MYTH:  "My excess fat mass is a symbol of health and wealth."

MYTH:  "People who workout have nothing better to do with their life."

MYTH:  "If I lift weights I will get a bulky look."

MYTH:  "When I am hungry, quantity supersedes quality"

MYTH:  "I cannot afford to workout and eat healthy."

MYTH:  "I cannot eat things that do not taste good."

The truth is extra body fat is increases the risk of high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes, heart disease and death.  The more we conform to the myths and the direction that the economy is heading towards, the more likely we will be at risk.  Obesity is a national concern but does not have to be a concern to you.  In order to overcome a problem it is best to understand it.  Obesity is caused by eating more than enough without exercise for a long period of time.  Eventually the overload on the body will cause it to store more and more body fat.  Body fat is a silent killer!

You do need some body fat as an energy source and to surround and protect organs.  Too much of anything can lead to discomfort.  When there is excess body fat surrounding organs and muscles, "abuse leads to restriction!"  Our body fat, which is subcutaneous (fat tissue right underneath the skin) and visceral (fat tissue underneath muscle and in direct contact with internal organs), is metabolized as a source of energy allowing it to release unhealthy chemicals into our blood.  The unhealthy chemicals that come from mainly visceral fat cause numerous health risk which include a host for cancerous cellular growth.  "Yes!"  in fat cancer, diseases, and infections can grow and spread.  Fat is not a functional organ but it is an energy source for the body.  It is easy for the body to extract energy from fat, but it is difficult and almost impossible for blood cells to travel to fat tissue to promote healing.  When obesity sets in and there is an infection located in fat tissue, the infection will have to be cured externally (meaning surgically).  Even disease fighting antibiotics have a hard time getting to the site of infection in fat tissue.

Conforming to the myths will shorten your life drastically.  Our myths and the "Get and eat more for less!" economy that we have adapted to is what will lead to our downfall.  Just because a restaurant wants to build their customer base by selling double portions for less does not mean you have to eat the double portion as one meal.  The restaurant is attracting more customers, not insisting that its customers eat oversized meals!  To avoid obesity we have to take action and responsibility for our individual health.  Normal exercise and a balanced nutritional diet each week will reverse the process of obesity.  Normal exercise followed by eating healthy will result in less visits to the doctor and a healthy fit lifestyle.  Do not listen to all the myths and stereotypes. 

Face the truth!  The benefits from following a normal fitness routine are:
  • Live Longer
  • Decreased the risk of health problems
  • You have more energy thoughout the day
  • External/ Internal organs work more efficiently
  • Increased self confidence
  • Slow the aging process
  • Less stress
  • You will look and feel better than everybody else
  • You can pass the gift of fitness on to someone else, help extend or save a life!

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