Sunday, February 22, 2015

Eat for Energy in the Morning!

Whether or not you should eat before your morning workout is an easy question to answer.  Yes you should!  What you eat before your workout will contribute towards the amount of energy you have to execute the workout at the right intensity to trigger the desired response.  You may get away with doing a shorter duration activity without compromising muscle maintenance or gains.  In most cases we all need energy to move after a 6-10 hour overnight fast, depending on how long you sleep.  What you eat before you workout does not necessarily have to be breakfast but it should compliment the level of activity you plan to do.  If your stomach does not agree with this advice, go light and simple no matter what.  Something is better than nothing so go bananas, a slice of bread with spread, or even an energy drink if you are not used to a morning meal.  Eat a light carbohydrate rich snack before morning workouts and your meal afterwards can be a wholesome protein packed breakfast.  In the morning you are more likely to burn off what you eat easier than in the evening because, workout or not, your body needs fuel to do any activity.  Calorie consumption is always better for fat loss in the morning than at night. Food is your body's fuel for the mind and body. In the morning you will be more focused and have more energy if you eat before you train.

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