Thursday, June 11, 2015

The Exception to the Effects of Aging on Metabolism

It is true that your metabolism decreases gradually the older you get.  Factors that affect your metabolism as you get older are the type of lifestyle you live, how well you maintain your muscle mass, and your diet.  Aging alone decreases your metabolism gradually every ten years after you turn 25 years old.  You lose about 5-10 pounds of muscles every ten years as you age.  The affect of aging on your dwindling metabolism is dependent on how well you maintain your muscles. 
The best way to decrease the effects of aging on your metabolism is to build and maintain muscle with high intensity exercise and a balanced nutritional diet to compliment.  The types of exercise that can be categorized as high intensity are slow and fast speed tempo resistance training, sprinting, climbing, jumping, medicine and kettle bell training.  The type of exercise that will raise your heart rate to the same level as if you were being chased by a lion is great for muscular development.  The key to keeping a fast metabolism as you age is to work out at your maximum intensity on a regular basis.  Your body will adapt to the work that you are doing with your muscles by making them stronger and higher calorie burners.  High intensity exercise always defeats low intensity exercise because of it's contribution to muscle gains and also the metabolism boost you get hours after a workout.  High intensity exercise builds muscle and that muscle keeps your body composition normal as you age. 
Results are gained in the gym and during meal time.  If you are working out consistently you have to eat the right amount of macro and micro nutrients based on the goals you want to achieve.  Diet and exercise are equally important.  To increase or maintain your muscle as you age there has to be the right amount of nutrients fueling your body to support activity.  With the right exercise program and nutritional plan you will see that your age is just a number and your body composition is the true indicator of your metabolism.

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