Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Should I lower my carbohydrates in my diet?

Carbohydrates do not have to be reduced or lowered because they are the main source of energy in your body.  When glycogen levels are low your energy levels fall also.  Your body will begin to store more fat to substitute the depleted glycogen.  The lowering of carbohydrates would cause you not to have enough energy throughout your day and your body would adapt to that.  This could result in your lean body mass decreasing and your stored body fat to increase.  It's not about the restricting of carbohydrates but rather the type of carbohydrates you are consuming.  Also taking in more carbohydrates that your body needs to perform the activities you do throughout the day can cause it to store excess carbohydrates as fat in your midsection.  If you enjoy eating the you must expend that energy through a balanced consistent fitness routine.  Let's get fit!

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