Wednesday, August 11, 2010

You cannot get the results you are expecting in the gym if you are not eating right!

Here are 7 nutritional tips that will guarantee you get the results and body you always wanted.

1.  Eat Atleast 5 Meals a Day.

This keeps a constant level of energy in your body at all times.  It allows your body to never have to store fat in preparation for famine or starvation.  Eating once or twice a day enables your body to store fat in your midsection as an energy source between meals since they are so far apart.

2. Drink Water With Your Meals

Carbonated drinks add extra calories to your meal which will most certainly be stored as fat.  carbonated drinks like soda, teas, kool-aid and so on contain alot of sugar that people do not normally count towards their daily calories.  If you do perfer a sweet beverage with your meal, make sure you pay attention to the serving size and subtract those calories from the carbohydrate portion of your meal.

3.  Keep Your Fat Intake to a Minimum

Avoid saturated fats and tran fats completely.  These two types of fat can lead to high cholesterol levels.  Any oil in liquid form that remains solid at room temperature should be avoided.  Prepare your own meals at home.  You must love to cook!  Eating at restaurants or eating processed foods from the frozen food section will expose you to unnecessary fats.

4.  Take Supplements

Supplements compensate for any nutrients you are lacking or also can be used as a meal replacement.  Supplements are not illegal and usually have all natural ingredients.  To get the best results and aid in recovery from your exercise routine, cardio and weight training, supplements are necessary.

5.  Eat Bigger Meals Early On and Lighter Meals in the Evening

This also depends on the amount of calories your body burns in a day.  Eat in preparation for what you will be doing in the next three hours.  Don't eat heavy before you go out to the movies.  Your body will store it as fat since you are inactive.

6.  Feed Your Muscles!

The more muscle you have the more calories you body burns a day at rest.  So the key to burning fat is increasing or exercising our muscles.  Eat alot of carbohydrates so that your muscles will have energy to function efficiently in your workout.  Eat protein so that your muscles will rebuild stronger for the next workout.

7.  Have a cheat day!

One day a week indulge in a meal of food that you have been craving.  This will give you a reward and something to look forward to after all the hard work of the previous week.  Your body adapts to what you are doing most of the time.  One meal won't hurt!

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