Monday, August 23, 2010

How You Can Have More Muscle Definition!

Why can't  I see my six pack?

How can I look like the person on the fitness magazine cover?

These two questions cause you to search everywhere for the answers.  You listen to friends, infomercials and gain answers from the wrong sources which leave you lost in the end.  Finally you come to the conclusion that...

"I do not have good genetics for muscle definition and I could never look that good!"

This is all wrong and you should never think this way.  Do not get discouraged by the myths people and your resources put in your head which make a possibility impossible.  The answer is here!  With the right fitness routine, motivation, and nutritional plan you can achieve whatever fitness goals you have!  As long as you are consistent with following a balanced fitness routine you can look better than the person on all the magazine covers.  Being on a magazine cover is a long term goal for most people.  Consistency comes with setting short-term goals, accomplishing them, and setting more after you have reached them.  Your body will get used to what you are doing most of the time.  Eventually through your constant physical activities and what you are eating, your appearance will resemble the two.

In order to distinguish one muscle from the next on your body you must work each muscle group on a consistent basis.  This would allow your muscles to have more separation and also keep you consistant mentally and physically within your weekly workout schedule.  Workout each muscle group one day out of the week.  This will not only give you muscle definition, but it will also give you a more proportionate look and improve overall strength and stability.


3 day weekly workout

Monday                            Wednesday                            Friday
Chest                                 Back                                         Quadriceps
Biceps                               Triceps                                     Hamstrings
Shoulders                         Abnominals

4 day weekly workout

Monday             Tuesday                     Thursday                      Friday                   
Chest                 Back                            Quadriceps                    Biceps
Calves               Abdominals                 Hamstrings                    Triceps

In both weekly routines more emphasis should be placed on the larger muscle groups like chest, back, quadriceps and hamstrings.  All other muscle groups (smaller muscle groups) assist in the contracting of muscles in the larger muscle groups so they need less attention.  You want your muscles to form evenly.  Following this routine will get you the defined look that you have always wanted.  You must remember that a balanced weight training and cardiovascular routine accompanied by a nutritional diet plan will not only give you the body you always wanted, but also prepare you for any fitness magazine cover.

While constant exercise gets you results you must be eating right also.  For that well defined chiseled look a good tip is to lower the amount of carbohydrates you consume.  Carbohydrates which consist of carbon, hydrgoen and oxygen hold alot of water.  Excess carbohydrates allow for your muscles to retain more water.  So if you cannot see your muscles you probably need to lower your carbohydrates.  Do not avoid carbohydrates completely, just eat the right carbohydrates.  Carbohydrates are a good source of energy for your overall body.  You just need to eat less starchy foods which are complex carbohydrates like:

  • White bread, flour, pasta, and rice
  • Potatoes
  • pastries
  • cakes
  • Sugary processed breakfast cereal
  • Pizza

Avoiding these and replacing them with natural simple carbohydrates can keep your muscles from holding alot of water and make your muscles more visible to you in the mirror and to others'.  Eating less complex carbohydrates will also keep you from feeling bloated and trim up your midsection.  The solution to your diet would be to eat more natural fruits and vegetables.

So you see while constantly following the right fitness routine and nutritional plan you can achieve whatever fitness goals you have!

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