Sunday, July 31, 2011

Are You A Hard Gainer?

A Hard gainer is a man and woman who is a natural ectomorph (a thin person who does not gain weight easily).  If your parents are thin and you are thin, it is probably hard for you to gain weight.  With this natural occurrence due to genetics and heredity you have to work extra hard on committing to a plan that is going to help you grow the right way.  You are not doomed, you do not have to be thin the rest of your life.  You can have a muscular or more toned look! You must follow a balanced total body resistance training routine and a nutrition plan that feeds your muscles.

Here are 6 nutritional tips for Hard Gainers who want to add 10-20 pounds of muscle.
1. Eat 6-7 meals a day depending on activity levels.
2. Eat breakfast around or before 8am and every 3 hours after.
3. Eat more natural sources of protein.(chicken, fish, steak, eggs, dairy products)
4. A whey protein supplement is necessary.
5. Eat more healthy carbohydrates and fats.
6. Make sure your calorie intake is higher than your calorie burn each day.

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