Sunday, July 24, 2011

Drink Water Responsibly!

Drinking water is an essential part of your nutritional diet plan.  Depending on how much body fat you have, you can live on water and no food for at least a month.  We can only live without water for 14 days maximum.  It is important to drink enough water a day to maintain body fluids at their normal levels.  Maintaining normal fluid levels in our bodies will determine how well our bodies work and how much energy we have.  It is recommended that we drink 2 or more quarts of water a day depending on our activity levels and how much water we excrete each day.  Water retention is determined by how fast we drink it.  Absorbing water in moderation is retained better than drinking a whole lot a once.  Drinking a large amount of water in a short period of time will cause your body to excrete it.  Some say it is better to drink bottled water than tap water, but they are basically the same.  Both tap and bottled water have been exposed to chemicals as well as harmful bacteria.  Obtaining a water filter for your sink at home will save you money and be a little more environmentally sound.

Drinking water prevents:
·    Dehydration
·    Bladder problems including constipation
·    Kidney Stones
·    Skin Disease
·    Cancers
·    Osteoporosis
·    Water Retention
·    Brain Diseases

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