Sunday, July 17, 2011


Protein is a a major food group that we need in our diet to maintain cellular growth and recovery.  The average person needs 60-70 grams of protein minimum daily, depending on their weight and muscle mass.  Protein contains amino acids which repair cells throughout our bodies.  Taking in the required amount of protein a day is important in maintaining a low body fat percentage and gaining muscle.  It is proven that individuals who maintain a high protein diet are able to maintain their lean mass and burn fat easier.  Taking in less protein in your diet can lead to the exact opposite.  A low protein diet, which is unusually common amongst most, can cause atrophy or a decrease in muscle mass and metabolism.  Too much or too little protein has been proven to have negative effects. As long as you consume necessary amounts of protein depending on your goals and also balance your carbohydrates and fat sources appropriately, then you should have no problems.  It is best to consult with a professional to determine how much protein you need a day to compliment your daily activity levels.  20-30 grams of protein should be consumed 3-4 meals a day minimum.  Supplementation is necessary to compensate where you are lacking  in your food consumption.

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