Sunday, July 24, 2011

Kettlebell Training

The kettlebell is a great way to improve your dynamic strength, muscular endurance, and increase performance potential.  No one knows when the kettlebell was actually invented.  We do know that it has been around for centuries and was first used by the Russians for strength and performance training.  The Russian military would use the kettlebell for strength, agility, power, and endurance.

The kettlebell is a great tool for building all around strength in your body.  The exercises performed by using the kettebell combine unlike muscle groups to promote a higher strength potential.  The kettlebell is widely used today by athletes and even in martial arts to give competitors an extra edge and increase explosiveness.  Kettlebells exercises are designed for you to incorporate your core while targeting other muscle groups as well.  Increasing the weight of the kettlebell forces you to exert more energy to perform an exercise.  A heavier kettlebell also forces increased strength throughout a broader range of motion. 
Kettlebell training is very popular today because it has been proven to be effective for top competitive athletes as well as the normal gym members committed to reaching their goals.  For safety, receive proper instruction from a fitness professional and try this training out for a while, you will see improvements all around!

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