Sunday, July 31, 2011

Functional Training

Functional training is a style of training that targets all areas of your body.  Functional training incorporates and combines all your different muscle groups to perform an exercise or activity that maximizes your energy exertion.  Traditional resistance training with weights or machines only target a specific muscle or muscle group and isolate a lot of muscles during exercise.  Functional training exercises target multiple muscle groups through a more natural range of motion.  Instead of a controlled unnatural movement, functional training exercises improve your natural ability and core strength.  The role of this style of training is to become more advanced in your resistance training routine for better results.

To perform functional training exercises you can use body weight, resistance bands, weights, basically anything that creates a resistance.  This training benefits a lot when rehabbing injuries, sports conditioning, strengthening weak areas, and also avoiding plateaus.  Functional training is good for improving balance and strengthening stabilizer muscles which control your balance.  This type of training can not only improve your overall physical conditioning, but can also prevent injuries when performing normal activities at work or at home.
Functional training is recommended to everybody who wants to follow a fitness plan that will give them the best results for the rest of their life.  It is important that you seek instruction from a fitness professional to perform these exercises.  Their are a broad range of exercises that can be categorized as functional.  As your fitness plan progresses it is important to be more creative with your routine for better results.  Functional training will open up a world of creativity that will also add excitement to your workout!

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